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Remembering Victor Spinetti

This website is dedicated to preserving the memory, and celebrating the legacy, of Victor Spinetti, who passed away in June 2012.

A proud Welshman, Victor was a comedic actor, director, author, poet and raconteur. He appeared in dozens of films and stage plays during the course of his 50-year career. His work on the stage included many roles, in shows such as the original production of Oh! What a Lovely War in London in 1963, and on Broadway in 1964 for which he won a Tony Award for his iconic role as a loud aggressive drill sergeant.

For millions of Beatles fans, Victor was probably best known and beloved for appearing in the first three of the Beatles films, A Hard Day's Night, Help! and Magical Mystery Tour. At the request of the Beatles, he reprised his drill sergeant character for the latter film. He also made an appearance on one of the Beatles' legendary Christmas recordings for their fans.

George Harrison once joked to Victor, "You've got to be in all our films. If you're not in them me Mum won't come and see them, because she fancies you!" On another occasion Harrison told him, "You've got a lovely karma, Vic."

Victor in A Hard Day's Night

Paul McCartney described Victor as "the man who makes clouds disappear". Victor later made a cameo appearance in the promotional video for McCartney's song London Town.

His memoir, "Victor Spinetti Up Front...: His Strictly Confidential Autobiography," was published in September 2006.

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A Personal Remembrance

Over the years, because of our mutual friend, Martin Lewis, I got the chance to spend many hours one-on-one with Victor.

Victor photographed by me in 2007 at a Beatles convention

Martin was an old pal of Victor and when in July 2007 he curated a special screening of A Hard Day's Night in Los Angeles, he brought Victor to Los Angeles for the event. I was helping coordinate logistics for the evening.

During the screening we spent most of the time in a small restaurant across the street, but for a while we went back to the theater, and I got to sit next to him in the back row watching part of the film. That is my best memory of him, sitting in that theater, watching Victor watch the film, smiling and enjoying it with the rest of the audience.

There's no wonder why the Beatles liked him so much and why he appeared in their first three movies. He was the warmest, kindest, most wonderful soul I have ever met on this planet. The time I got to spend with him was a wonderful gift that I will never forget.

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